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Exploiting the Expected

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This artist makes abandoned buildings out of legos.

"In 1922, Matthew Luckiesh wrote an optical illusions book titled - Visual Illusions: Their Causes, Characteristics and Applications. It was probably the first book to comprehensively cover the topic of Optical Illusions, or Visual Illusions, as they were called then.

On this optical illusion web site, we present this book to you, chock full of optical illusion information. It will be of interest to both the person who is fascinated by optical illusions and asks, "How do optical illusions work?" and also to the person doing serious research on the science of optical illusions. Some editing of the book has been done."

How Do You Amputate A Phantom Limb?

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In one breakthrough example, Ramachandran, a researcher at the University of California, San Diego, devised a seemingly simple experiment to explore a puzzle that has confounded doctors since at least the 16th century: the sensation that a ghostly limb remains after the amputation of a body part.

What is a phantom limb? Why is it a problem? How did Ramachandran help to 'cure' this problem?

Welcome to Serendip's Exchange

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Looking for "the answer" to a question? There are plenty of websites out there which will tell you what to think. Serendip instead aims at helping you to think for yourself, and in the process of discovery to formulate new questions and new explorations.

There is quite a lot of good material here - I used a lot in my SP blog 


Geometrical Illusions

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Good site for geometrical illusions.  



A Wierd Mashup of Sounds

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Go to this website to play many videos at once. AudioGravity

There are about 18 different videos you can play together to create your own blenfd of music. This is a good example of how the components mix together to become one single larger sound.

Misheard Lyrics - Pearl Jam

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I never really listen to the lyrics in songs. To me they are just another instrument of sorts. It is a good thing that I never tried to listen to these lyrics.

The person posting the video here states, "The quintessential misheard lyrics song! A true 90's classic, this may be one of those rare songs that NOBODY has ever really heard the true lyrics!!! It may even be a mystery to the band! "

There is ambiguity in what we hear, when we see the pictures and words, which are in a different modality, we resolve the auditory ambiguity with the visual information. This video is hysterical! 

Mind Hacks

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Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what's going on inside your brain. They have a great blog to keep you informed.


Building The Impossible

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M. C. Escher's "Relativity" appears here as a 3-D representation made with Lego blocks (no trick photography... it's all real), by Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu. You can also learn about their fascinating construction details.

Grand-Illusions Toy Store

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Welcome to Grand Illusions...

...the site for the enquiring mind. There are new and amazing toys in the Toy Collection, all with video clips to show them in action, and a unique collection of toys you can buy in the Toy Shop.