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Welcome to Serendip's Exchange

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Looking for "the answer" to a question? There are plenty of websites out there which will tell you what to think. Serendip instead aims at helping you to think for yourself, and in the process of discovery to formulate new questions and new explorations.

There is quite a lot of good material here - I used a lot in my SP blog 


Amazing Brain - Memory

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Welcome to Your memory!

There are many types of memory...

... The picture in your mind when you think of your first school, the knowledge that London is the capital of England, the ability to ride a bike or knowing the face of the person you love.

So stretch your brain and test all your different types of memory.

My Experiment With Smart Drugs

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It's not an amphetamine or stimulant, the article explained: it doesn't make you high, or wired. It seems to work by restricting the parts of your brain that make you sluggish or sleepy. No significant negative effects have been discovered. Now students are using it in the run-up to exams as a "smart drug" - a steroid for the mind.


Officials Name Teen With No Memory

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(Oct. 25) -- Authorities on Sunday released the name of a woman who turned up in New York this month saying she had no memory of her name or family. Police a day earlier said a CNN viewer in Maryland identified the woman, who was found in Midtown Manhattan on October 9 outside a youth shelter. A photo of Peterson, who had been referred to as Jane Doe, was circulated by police and aired on CNN this week. Authorities didn't release Peterson's name until Sunday.

Do you believe that she really didn't know who she was? Where her other memories intact? based on what we have learned about memory, what type of amnesia might she have had?

A physiological explanation of the déjà vu phenomenon may exist. The optical and neural paths from the two eyes may be slightly different, or the processing of such signals might be delayed in one path due to some variant structure. Or, alternately, a "newer" and "older" brain processing method might be responsible.

This would be a good site to fact check - is the science reported correct and in a correct context?