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The Top 10 Supercomputers, Illustrated (June 2011)

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"The "K" supercomputer, a joint project by Fujitsu and the RIKEN center, has overtaken China's Tianhe-1A system to gain the top spot on the updated list. The K computer system, currently in the configuration stage, features 68,544 Sparc 64 CPUs, each with eight cores, for a total of 548,352 cores--almost twice as many as any other system in the TOP500. The K Computer is also more powerful than the next five systems on the list combined. The system is deployed across 672 computer racks and has a power consumption of 9.89 megawatts. The K Computer's name draws upon the Japanese word "Kei" for 10^16 (ten quadrillions), representing the system's performance goal of 10 petaflops."

Exploiting the Expected

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This artist makes abandoned buildings out of legos.

Face in Tumor


"People see the strangest things in clouds and burnt toast, but this latest sighting can't be topped: A face on a testicular tumor."

Structured Procrastination

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"Structured procrastination means shaping the structure of the tasks one has to do in a way that exploits this fact. The list of tasks one has in mind will be ordered by importance. Tasks that seem most urgent and important are on top. But there are also worthwhile tasks to perform lower down on the list. Doing these tasks becomes a way of not doing the things higher up on the list. With this sort of appropriate task structure, the procrastinator becomes a useful citizen. Indeed, the procrastinator can even acquire, as I have, a reputation for getting a lot done."

How does this relate to the Premack Principle?

Can You Crack The Code And Read the Hidden Message?

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Who Is This Anyway?

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A New Way to Learn

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Insideout Classroom

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