Welcome to the website for our Behavior Modification class.

There are two sections for Behavior Modification this semester. One is a Hybrid class and the other is 100% online. Internet Access is required!

Behavior modification takes what we have learned from empirical studies of operant conditioning and respondent conditioning setting it in an applied context. Behavior modification is similar to behavior analysis in that it is used to alter an individual's (or animal's) behavior and responses though a behavioral intervention. Some behavior modification courses are aimed at clinical populations, however many of us will not have the opportunity to work with special populations. As such, this course will explore behavior modification principles in a day to day context so we can use these principles on ourselves as well as others.


A hybrid class is one that mixes traditional classroom learning with individualized online learning. Behavior modification is perfect for a hybrid course 1) We wrote the textbook and have made it available online, 2) There is a growing amount of web content that extends well beyond what can be included in a textbook and in simple in class demonstrations, 3) There are many high quality videos online were we can explore a variety of behavior, and 4) Since the course deals with how we behave the real world, parts of the course are best experienced while in the real world.

Hybrid classes can be easily modified for use as an 100% online class. We will use the same pages as the hybrid class and add an additional activity to balance out for attendance. As such both classes will use this site and do the same assignments, however the online class will be required to complete an additional assignment each week.

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Chapter 1 & 2 Introduction & Perspectives
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Additional Web Surfing
Premack principle.http://www.autismmom.net/premack-principle-and-behavior/ Next search for another website about the premack principle and read more about it. Copy and paste that link…
Online Class Only Assignment (Due each Friday)
This assignment is for the On-line class only and is due each Friday. It is worth 10 points.After you have…