Skinner's Air Bed

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Image of a Baby Sleeping in a Skinner Air Crib

Skinner built and used a special bed for raising his children. He later incorporated simiar beds to be used in his Walden Two book. I found a site that encourages people with disabilities to build thier own air beds. Here are two links from that site:

This is a great comment by one of the Gearability viewers - they suggest using air beds for our ageing population - Interesting:

This is very, very cool! I read both posts then headed over to Daddytype. It certainly makes me wish I'd had one when I was a kid. It almost (but not quite) makes me wish I'd had kids, just so I could watch what appears to be their uninhibited play and sleep in such an environment. It also makes me think about adults who are put in crib-like beds in hospitals and nursing homes...wouldn't an adult adaptation of this be a better idea?
I vaguely remember reading about Skinner Boxes in a few of those introductory psych classes in college...I didn't pay much attention. I think the problem was, the idea wasn't presented like this.
Good show, Marty!

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