Santos - Virtual Soldier Research

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Santos is a digital human model that lives on our computers.  He is a typical soldier that is capable of accomplishing tasks on his own, unaided.  The ultimate goal is to enable Santos to evaluate systems, components, and products before they are built, thus reducing significant costs associated with making prototyoes.  It is the dream of every test, analyse, and check for safety and human factors all components before they are made.


This is really cool - this avatar can interact with CAD designs such as cars and houses and provide feedback. Imagine having your own avatar that has you own body dimensions and physiology. Imagine your avatar going on virtual testdrives and reporting back to you how the car handled, how much room it had in the driver's seat, how easy the radio (ipod) was to adjust while driving at high speeds, etc. Imagine that this is now not very far off!

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