Welcome to Motivation & Emotion!


Welcome to Motivation & Emotion! All of your assignments are here; you will only go to eLearning to check your grades. This first post will orient you to the course and provide you with the first few activities you need to do to get settled into the course. Each remaining post will provide the instructions for your activities. Most posts will also have an Explore! feature at the bottom with additional resources which you may find helpful for that assignment. Assignments with specific due dates are due by 11:59pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Course Resources tab has links to important information that you will need to access throughout the course. One such link is the How To Register link. You'll need to go there next, click the link, and read and follow the directions carefully. Make sure you have scrolled all the way to the bottom of the document so you follow all the directions. The syllabus and course calendar (with due dates) are also linked there.

Most assignments are of two types: a reading assignment and write-up and an application assignment and write-up. Each are worth 10 points and should be about 500 words a piece. These assignments are posted directly here on the blog. You should write your assignments in Word or other word processor, saving your work, and then copying and pasting your assignment into the blog site. This will save you grief if for some reason it doesn't post. 

You will read a book of your choosing (from a selected list), and write a paper on that book (worth 100 points). You will get to select your due date for this assignment. You will turn in a hard copy version in class on your due date and submit an electronic copy to www.turnitin.com to check for plagiarism.

There will be daily extra credit quizzes worth 5 pts each.

Near the end of the course you will submit a Motivation Toward Your Goal report (worth 50 points). This will be a paper where you report on your progress and scientific understanding of a goal that you will be prompted to think about and pursue throughout the semester. You will turn this in hard copy in class.

There will be a cumulative quiz the last day of class worth 50 points.

For the final, you will watch a movie and write 10 short essays on the motivation and emotion topics present in that movie (100 points). The final is open book and open notes.

Yes, there is a lot of work, but previous students have found that the pace is manageable and the content meaningful to your own life (which somehow makes it slightly better).

If you are a graduate student, you will at the end of the course submit a 1000 word essay of how the course content has informed your area of study (your MA thesis project and/or your career aspirations).

By Thursday class time:

Read through this blog post (which you just have!), read the next blog post on Using Movies, review remaining blog posts, read syllabus, and course calendar (there are multiple blog posts due in the same week), register for this blogsite (instructions are under the Course Resources tab), if you are on facebook, you may join my virtual office hours https://www.facebook.com/groups/1431101947188233/ if you'd like. 


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