In this course you will investigate the major factors underlying human actions. What moves us into action? This course focuses on "why." Why is it that people behave the way they do? We will cover the major areas that motivate our behavior including genetic and environmental influences, pleasure and need seeking, the role of personality in motivation and how goals, incentives and emotions influence our behavior. Being an upper level course, my expectation is that you will read the chapters, pay attention and participate in class, and put concerted effort into the writing assignments. In other words, I'm expecting you to be motivated! In order to encourage you to behave in this way, I will strive to create an interesting, engaging and maybe even fun course.


"By far the psychology class I have learned the most about myself and others. Great course!" 

"I learned information in this class I'll never forget and I plan on using it throughout my life"

"I learned more in this class with this type of teaching style (hybrid, blogs due every week, no tests) than any other class at UNI"

"This is one of the few classes where I have actually read, reflected, and understood all the chapters"

"Fun class!"

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Welcome to Motivation & Emotion!
Welcome to Motivation & Emotion! All of your assignments are here; you will only go to eLearning to check your…
Using Movies
Please read the following link:http://www.psychologicalscience.com/kim_maclin/2010/01/i-learned-it-at-the-movies.html as well as the 3 resource links at the bottom of that article.This semester's movies:Teen DreamsCast…
Ch 1 & 2 Introduction and Perspectives
Read Ch 1 and Ch 2 in your textbook. Don't worry so much about your answers being beautifully written (yet!); focus on reading…