The Story of Allie: Molested as a baby

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My sister in-law runs a daycare center and I worked there in the summer about three years ago which would make it 2007.  She had gotten a new family a girl, Allie, who was seven at the time and her brother Ryan who was five.  At first Allie seemed like a normal seven year old girl, but as the summer went on I noticed some things about her that were weird.  Some of these things were that she didn't like to be touched by any of the other boys at daycare.  She wouldn't really freak out, but if another daycare boy sat down beside her she would get up really fast and move.  If a daycare boy touched her, she would sometimes yell or say don't touch me.  This was the first sign that something was wrong.  Then I noticed that when my brother came home during his lunch break, Allie would be very clingy with me or my sister in-law, Michelle.  She was also very quiet child, which I just thought she was shy.  She did play really good with the other girls at daycare though.  Then I noticed that Allie didn't like to go to the bathroom or go into the bathroom.  Different times I saw Allie go into the bathroom and then I would see my sister in-law standing by the door with it shut, but she hand was inside the door.

I finally asked my sister in-law about Allie and she told me that Allie had been sexually abused since she was about one year old until she was almost five.  Allie, along with three other girls was abused by the babysitter's husband.  I learned that when Allie was round 20 months old the husband got a new job and started coming home during his lunch break.  According to the abused girls the husband would pick one of the four girls each day and abuse them in the bathroom.  He threatened them repeatedly so they wouldn't tell.   Finally one of the girls said something to their mom about the abuse and that's when everything came out.  When Allie was asked about the abuse, she finally told about it. 

According to the babysitter, she told police she had no idea that her husband was abusing these girls during his lunch break.  I find this very hard to believe that she wouldn't notice a child wasn't around.  I always noticed when a child got out of my site and I would go look for him/her right away.  I don't know all the details about the case, but I do know that the husband was arrested and convicted and the last time I know, no charges were brought against the babysitter. 

What happened to Allie just makes me stick.  She will have problems her entire life and that man took her childhood away from her.  I glad that he is in jail and I hope that the wife will be put in jail too.  I do know that Allie is doing better.  She has been in therapy since the abuse was found out.  Today she is in the fourth grade and is making great improvement.  She can know go to the bathroom by herself and she is getting better at being around boys.  She still had a long road ahead of her.  Just to see Allie somewhere you would never know that she was abused all of those years.   

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That is extremely sick of the babysitter and her husband. There is no way that the babysitter didn't know that husband was doing these things to the girls. Like you said, if a kid was missing for a matter of two minuets the babysitter would easily know. What a messed up couple. Allie is going to suffer tremendously because of what that man did. As you stated, the girl wouldn't even go to the bathroom without because hesitant. It's good that Allie is getting help. However, even though she is getting help, this is going to greatly affect her future. It will for surely affect her relationships later in life. I can't believe how selfish the babysitter and her husband were. I mean, how can a person like that even get approved to babysit kids? I understand that she probably put up a good cover, but the fact that some people can hide things that well is terrifying.

I would agree with Megan in the fact that you would know if a child was missing. I understand you have a lot of children in a daycare but if you look at the personality characteristics of a four year old girl rarely do they wander off placed by themselves. usually they want to be involved with the group of people and their friends. Also- if the little girl did need to go to the bathroom I would think she would ask the babysitting before going. I am glad that she is getting help and recovering and she does have a long way to go. It is upsetting that people like this are out there and hurting young girls. If I remember from various classes I think people don't start having memories till age 4. This could be good and bad. The good thing is she isn't remembering all of these situations. the bad new is this is all she knows of her life, and if the situation was very traumatic (which I would consider it to be) she problem remembers more than we give her credit for. I am glad the man is in jail and I hope that his wife is no longer babysitting!

I agree with both of these comments. Even if they notice the child wasn't gone, wouldn't she know that her husband hasn't been around as well, and he is home on a lunch break, wouldn't she want to spend time with him or at least see him. I freak out if my nephew is out of my sight for too long. I like to know the children I'm taking care of are at, at all times. So, I have a hard time believing the babysitter, which makes me sick. How could she allow this to happen, and then cover it up with such a story?
Those young girls that were victimized by the husband are going to have a very long, never ending road to recovery ahead of them. Hopefully they will be able to live a normal life with the past they have had.

I really can't come up with words to cover how sick the husband is. The sad part about the story is is that the babysitter herself seems to have gotten off scot free. Though I would understand the DA's position. The police really can't prove she did anything wrong, they could maybe get a neglect charge but that would seem... insufficient. But this story really does serve to remind us that the damage done by crime can long outlast the crime itself.

Now, I know I don't know all of the details of the case, but it kind of bothers me that only the husband was charged in this case. There is no way the babysitter herself was totally clueless as to what was going on. I don't know how many kids she was babysitting at the time this happened, and even if it was a somewhat larger amount of kids she should at least have some idea of where they are at all times. I babysit 3 girls, and it bothers me when I have to put the baby to sleep and leave the other 2 alone for a few minutes, if that. I can't understand how I would not know where one of them is for any length of time longer than that and be okay with not knowing.
From what this post says, the abuse happened for about 4 years. That tells me the babysitter had to have some idea of what was going on, and I wish she would have been interrogated more and had charges brought upon her as well. Even though she may not have abused them herself, she allowed the abuse to continue.

Along with all of the other comments, it is obvious that this is a sick and saddening story. I empathize with the victims of this situation and I am very disgusted with both the babysitter and her husband. I also find it very hard to believe that the babysitter didn't notice her husband not being around during his lunch break, and also not paying proper attention to the children she was babysitting. I was not certain what the punishment is exactly for a situation like this so I went searching. However, what I found was an article on and I was very surprised with the article. It explained how Texas is trying to pursue a movement for eventually punishing sex offenders and pedophiles to death. This article is really interesting because it debates both sides of the issue. I am not exactly sure which way I lean on the issue, but I do know that many children, like Allie are forced to live a life they did not deserve and I feel as if the pedophiles need to be punished, and not lightly!

Here is a link to the article:,8599,1616890,00.html

This really caught my attention. I cannot believe that the babysitter/wife did not notice that her husband was sexually abusing four girls during his lunch break. First off, where does she think he goes when he is home from lunch? Secondly, how can she not notice one of the girls missing for a while when he is sexually abusing them? Lastly, wouldn't she notice the girls behavior change after they were abused, like crying?

I think the babysitter should be charged with something. I do not think it is right that the husband is the only person who was charged and sentenced. She should be convicted with neglect of the children at the least, to conspiracy to commit rape just for the fact of her ignorance and how she did not take the situation into her control for 5 years!

I also looked up child abuse research and statistics and came up with the fact that many children who are sexually abused may alter the development of attitudes toward self, sexuality, and trusting relationships during the critical early years of development due to this abuse. This is mainly true because most children who are sexually abused are abused by someone they know and trust.

Another fact that I came across was the fact that "when children are forced to have sex they are 3 times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders than those who are not sexually abused. Also, sexual abuse is strongly linked with substance abuse than with psychiatric disorders. It was also suggested that sexual abuse may lead some girls to become sexually active at an earlier age and seek out older boyfriends who might, in turn, introduce them to drugs."

There are more statistics for children who are sexually abused. You can find them here:

I just hope that Allie will continue to receive therapy and will turn out to be a good teenager. Also, I hope that the babysitter really gets charged with something. Because ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to four girls being sexually abused by her husband in the bathroom of their home while she was present!

This story made me sick. I find that really disgusting and disturbing that the guy would come home and just molest on of the girls. I find it even more appauling that the wife didn't even know about it. I am glad that Allie is getting the help that she needs and hopefully she recovers. I think the wife should be arrested and charged with something too. There is no excuse that she didn't know that nothing was going on. She was home while he was molesting them! I feel bad for Allie's family also, they will never really be able to trust a babysitter ever again after what happened to her and I hope that she grows up to be a wonderful person.

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