Psychologists know a great deal about how human beings behave and think.  This course will bring this arsenal of knowledge to bear on the complex thoughts and behaviors that occur in criminal and legal situations. One of my goals is to three-dimensionalize these people that we often think of in stereotypical terms: the heartless criminal, the vicious prosecutor, the bleeding heart defense attorney, the austere and noble judge.  By understanding their roles, motives, ambitions and even their physiology, we can apply a wealth of psychological knowledge and theory to how these people think and behave in their legal roles.  This course follows the criminal timeline, from before the crime, to the crime itself, pretrial proceedings, the trial, sentencing, incarceration and beyond.


"Awesome class. Favorite class taken at UNI"

"One of the best classes at UNI"

"The structure of the class is easy to follow. Mock crime/trial is a great way to put our knowledge to use"


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