Caylee Anthony Case

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Can you imagine having your 2 year old go missing and not even bothering to look for her???  Well read the article about little Caylee Anthony who was reported missing 31 days AFTER her disappearance and how her remains were found near her home.  Read the articles and decide who you think did it....but the mom is looking pretty guilty with her string of lies and how she did not even bother to report that her daughter was missing (Caylee's grandmother filed the report).

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wow, This just makes me sick. you would think as a mother you would never let your child leave your site, and if you did leave them with a babysitter you would be back for them that same day. If the child was not with the babysitter you left them with then a "parent" would think to call the police right then.
I find it strange that the police would not, after all this time, investigate every person that came in contact with little Caylee. Like all those guys that Casey Anthony had been dating or was engaged with. I think that the police and everyone else has all the reason in the world to suspect that Casey Anthony had something to do with her daughter or she did it herself.
This just makes me sick once again.

This is a really complex case. I found this site really helpful. I have heard about this case several times, but I didn't know the details or all the people involved. I found the time line to be very beneficial in determining my feelings about the case. There were also a lot of other helpful tools (like the 991 calls, videos, etc.) that really lay this case out. I thought the blog on this website was interesting. Other people would talk about their different theories as to what happened. All in all this was a great website about a terrible tragedy. Hopefully justice will be served.

I kept up with this case for awhile and then I lost track of it. This website was nice to catch up on everything. It is an interesting and, like said above, a complex case. The timelines and the phone calls were all interesting and helpful to follow the events on what was happening.
While reading this it reminded me of another case and I was going through the blogs on the Caylee Anthony and I saw her name, Haleigh Cummings. She went missing from her father's home and she was sleeping right next to, at the time, her father's girlfriend. The girlfriend noticed that she went missing at about 3:30 am. It is a really sad case. They haven't found the body of the little girl. Here is a link that might give you some more information.

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