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This is a hybrid class and Internet Access is required!

Sensation and Perception is a basic process class offered in our psychology program. S&P textbooks are typically divided into the 5 basics senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch). Each of the 5 senses are typically divided into three sections 1) Physical stimuli, 2) Physiology related to sense, 3) Perception (the brain's neural response to the physiology). With the greatest portion of the text typically devoted to vision.


Thus the course is a combination between physics, physiology, and cognitive psychology.


Another way to look at a Sensation and Perception course is it tells us how we get imporant information from the outside world into our internal psychological world. Oddly enough, we only have direct contact from one of our senses (touch) all other are indirect experiences. And we have a limited ability to get the information in at any given time.


A hybrid class is one that mixes traditonal classroom learning with individualized online learning. Sensation and Perception is perfect for a hybrid course 1) the textbooks are fairly straight forward with topics that are generally understood with moderate effort, 2) There is a growing amount of web content that extends well beyond what can be included in a textbook on in simple in class demonstrations, 3) There are many high quality online experiements where students can get proper lab experience, and 4) since the course deals with how we perceive the real world, parts of the course are best experienced while in the real world.


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