Restaurant Favorites

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Joe's Cafe- Santa Barbara, CA

Harry's Plaza- Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, SB, CA

Santa Cruz Market, SB, CA

Rusty's Pizza - Santa Barbara, CA

Giovanni's Pizza - Santa Barbara, CA

Taqueria El Buen Gusto -Santa Barbara, CA

La Tapatia - Santa Barbara, CA

Metropolitan Grill - Springfield, MO

Kai - Springfield, MO

Scratch Cupcakery - Cedar Falls, IA

Fong's Pizza - Des Moines, IA

Hessen Haus - Des Moines, IA

Royal Mile - Des Moines, IA

Django - Des Moines, IA

Zarri's - Albany, CA

Ratto's - Oakland, CA

Fenton's Creamery - Oakland, CA

Juan's Place - Berkeley, CA

Ti-Couz - San Francisco, CA

Bi-Rite Creamery - San Francisco, CA

Beto's Mexican Food - Reno, NV

Sushi Club - Reno, NV

Squeeze In - Truckee, CA

SS Super (Indian food) - Reno, NV

Gussie's Tamales & Bakery - El Paso, TX

Kiki's - El Paso, TX

Chico's Tacos - El Paso, TX

La Michoacana - Waterloo, IA

Johnson's Bakery - Waterloo, IA

Sarajlijas Bakery - Waterloo, IA

Sudan Cafe - Washington, DC

Brophy Bros. - Santa Barbara, CA


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