Attendance is required and worth 10 points each week.

Grading your Blog Assignments:

Blog assignments are due midnight Monday or Wednesday (see course calendar). There is NO late work accepted. Comments to Chapter Readings or other activities are worth 10 points; Comments to Topical Blogs are worth 20 points. 20 point assignments should necessarily be longer and more in-depth than 10 point assignments. 10 point assignments should be about 400-500 words, and 20 point assignments should be about 800-1000 words.

10/20: Answered all questions, gave in depth summary with examples, provided 10 or more relevant terms, met or exceeded word count requirement and wowed us with your writing and intellectual prowess!
9/18+: Answered all questions, gave in depth summary w/examples, provided 8 or more terms and met word count requirement
8/16+: Answered most of the questions, provided summary, provided some terms, came close to meeting word count requirement.
7/14+: Answered most questions, gave some summary, not as much detail
6/12+: did not provide enough information, or inaccurate information.
5/10+ and below: probably too brief, or inaccurate. 0: not turned in; or late

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