Soldier Sees With Tongue

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"A British soldier left blind by a grenade in Iraq has told how his life has been transformed by ground-breaking technology that enables him to "see" with his tongue."

How is this possible? What next? Do you think the areas of the brain associated with sight beging to be taken over by the areas that involve the tongue? What other application might this or somethign similar have?

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WOW! That's really amazing. I don't understand the device entirely but it's interesting. I'm curious to know if this will be something ground breaking or if it's simply a "nice try." I'd like to know the reasoning behind the devices set up and why they feel it may have potential.

Who would have thought of that! Of course, the tongue is one of the most highly sensitive sensation organs. I would not be surprised it if is next in line after the cochlea and the retina. So, with proper training, it could tell apart shock strengths. And if that were somehow associated with mental images, it could very well be the next retina. Though, I imagine it must be very uncomfortable while eating. Shapes and things would pop up in your mind as you munch on P and J.
Though, I have to wonder about the science behind this. It is, after all, a case study...

My thoughts really start with how exactly is he being trained/condition to recognize those images. Whether or not he has any emotional reaction to these images, and if he actually prefers it? It reminds me of the chapter in AOM where the painter only saw in grays and found it to be tasteless. I am curious to know whether or not this guy is having the same reactions.
I do however think that if this was done on children who were born blind, i think we could see a sense of self develop and become almost normal to them.

That is pretty interesting! It seems as though it would take a lot of time to train yourself how to do that and it is hard for me to visual how it is done...but wow! I wonder if it is uncomfortable?

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