Arizona Immigration Bill Legalizes Racial Profiling?

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This is an interview that was done with Latino Civil Rights leader Janet Murguia regarding the recent immigration bill that was passed in Arizona. She talks about some of the negative consequences of this bill on the Latino population of Arizona. She argues that the passing of this bill will essentially legalize racial profiling in that if anyone is at all suspected of being in the country illegally, authorities will have the right to search their homes and/or personal possessions. It sounds that if one is of Latino decent, that is all the proof authorities need to, basically, remove your constitutional rights. I'm not all that familiar with this story, but it definitely sounds unconstitutional to me.

What do you guys think? Does it seem to you that racial profiling is inevitable through the passing of this bill? Does the bill need to be changed to better protect the rights of the Latino population in Arizona? If you have not already heard about the passing of this bill, I would imagine that it will be hard to avoid as it snowballs in the uproar it is causing.

Here are a couple more news clips regarding some of the details of this bill - They make it sound that people can be identified as "possible illegals" based on appearance only, including the type of SHOES a person wears.....Are you kidding me?! Is our country going backwards away from civil rights legislation? What the hell....

Something tells me this bill will not be around for too long....

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I completely agree, anyone who thinks this bill will not lead to racial profiling is out of their damn mind.

How are officers supposed to tell if someone might be an illegal other than by their appearance? It's not a question of whether or not this bill will open the door for "possible" racial profiling, it IS racial profiling. I highly doubt that if my white husband is driving through AZ, they're going to pull him over and ask for his citizenship documents. Give me a break!! I on the other hand, will have to carry my passport with me in case some a-hole wants to check to see if I'm here legally.

Anyhow, I came across this article written by a "Latin" correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor. It's titled: "Mexicans slam AZ immigration law, but how do they treat their migrants". It talks about how Mexico abuses migrants coming in from Central American and trying to make their way into the U.S. Although this abuse from some Mexican authorities is unacceptable, the author of the article is trying to justify AZ unconstitutional and illegal actions towards the Latin American community here in the U.S. by talking about how Mexico abuses their own migrants. It reminds me of how some people claim George "Dubya" was a good president because Bill Clinton has extramarital sex in the oval office. Please!

I for one am against the violation of human rights, period, and do not justify an abuse of power such as AZ bill based on the abuse of power in other countries. It is unacceptable, and I think everyone should boycott the state of AZ until they get their crap straight.

I'm with Liz on this. There is no way that this can lead to anything other than racial profiling. I have been watching a lot of news coverage about this and there are a lot of people that work in arizona that don't seem to think this is a problem. The officers that are for the bill keep saying that it won’t be abused, but when you can use any legal contact as a reason to ask for ID how can it not. Just walking up to someone and talking to them counts as a legal contact, so an officer can now walk up to anyone they think may be an illegal, ask for papers because they are in public, and arrest them if they can’t produce them.
If the officers actually take this as far as they could I think it would cause more harm to the state than benefit. Arizona has a lot of day labor jobs that are done by immigrants. If all of those people are arrested then there will e no one to do those jobs. Plus I would imagine that the cost of deportation will be huge. If a few hundred illegal workers at the meat packing plant in Postville can back up federal deportation for weeks, then just imagine how much a flood of deportations could back up the state infrastructure in Arizona.
I almost hope that the officers that are against this law go and abuse it by asking everyone (all races) they meet on the first day it is in effect for their papers. If you stop 300 old white guys they are going to throw a fit.

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