They Don't Care About Us

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So, I am a Micheal Jackson fan...and you can think whatever you want about him, but he has made a great impact on our music that we have today.

When I went to buy a cd of his that had recently broken, I didn't realize that one of the songs was going to be censored. The song is titled "They Don't Care About Us" and you can find the lyrics on the site below:

the two words that they censor are "jew" and "kike".. if you want to listen to the song you can go here


The point of this song is in the message, and I was really suprised to find that they were covering up these words. I feel like this really connects with our class where we put all of the hateful words on the board. By covering these words up, what kind of message are they trying to promote? He is trying to bring up these issues to the forefront, by blocking them out there is only a greater hate for the words.
What do you think about censorship? Are there times when it is ok to leave things uncensored? Are there times where things NEED to be said? 

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