Why minority students don't graduate from college

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Here's a link to a Newsweek article: http://www.newsweek.com/id/233843

It's talking about how many minority students are getting into colleges, but they are not graduating. I thought this article was especially relevant since it directly mentions UNI:

"At less-selective state schools, the numbers get worse. During the same time frame (2007), the University of Northern Iowa graduated 67 percent of its white students, but only 39 percent of its blacks."

What do these numbers say about our university? Many schools seem to be trying to blame the students, but what is really going on here? How do we as a nation try to address this issue?

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Wow. After we talked about this article in class I wanted to read the whole thing to see what the numbers had to say. Just the one sentence about UNI says a lot. I think that with numbers like these, it shows the schools lack of knowledge on helping minority student’s graduate from college. Although, like the article mentioned, college tuition is increasing, and there are scholarships, it seems like there isn’t enough money out there for some students to attend college for 4+ years. I know when my parents started my college fund, they planned it so I would have enough money for tuition, but now with the rates so high, that money only helped me for two years (although I went to an out-of-state college, with no reciprocity). But the fact that some students don’t have the support from some family members to help them along with college can be a real struggle when planning to graduate with a degree.
Like we discussed in class as well, there needs to be other things implemented in the school systems, both high school and college, to help these students with the workload of college classes and the added pressures of living on your own and not having your parents around you all the time to tell you do go to class, or to do your homework. I don’t think there is much that the nation is doing to help this problem, but now that they are getting called out on their numbers and how bad this looks, it is forcing the universities to take another look at what programs are in place, and what needs to change.

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