Paying for rap - negative black stereotypes

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Over the weekend I was in Minneapolis when I noticed a brand new Bentley sitting in the parking lot.  Honestly my first thought was that this car probably belongs to a big, black, professional athlete or rapper.  Much to my surprise, a dressed down mixed-race woman and her daughter got in the car.  After this, I got to wondering why I would associate a $100K car with a black man.  So I did a little looking into it and found this video, it is literally just a voice recording with a picture slide show but it is a very unique look at, perhaps, why I jumped to this conclusion.  The video says that rich white men have been creating negative stereotypes for black people so that they can have more power.  Listening to this video got me very puzzled.  Perhaps I've been lied to all my life, but I just can't see what this video is trying to say.  What are your thoughts?

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The stereotypical view and ideology that exist for the poor as well as for the rich; that is commercialized through subliminal messages as we watch television, while we listen to music, or when we go shopping in department store, but mostly in advertising.
The fact that advertisers use messages to sell a product, by the use of people who are famous or someone that we as a consumer can relate to; or someone that one wants to be like; when I was growing up Michael Jordan was the best basketball player in the world known for his athleticism and slam dunks which Nike took and shaped the demand for a need “to be like MIKE” with the JORDAN shoes in the 80 and till now, the shoes cost ranged from 100 to 150 dollars; every street baller or kid had them for style and the kids that didn’t have them either robbed someone for their shoes, or jumped them. The ability to purchase a product is good if you have the means to buy it, the problem with society now days in the need or the want to be better then someone else.

If the idea of cooperate American sits in everyone’s head then it is the problem that we have, that my not ever go away the materialistic view by way of being a consumer state which does not only effect the everyday person; but also effects the economy of the United States and the economy of below average countries such as “third world countries” by using them for cheap labor, and not following environmental rules to prevent pollution. Which I think is unjust and a means of slave labor, by paying the 10-25 cents a hour while selling the item here in the United States for more then what they get paid.

The use of using rappers or athletes is a commercialization that advertisers have down to a tee, for example when kids see at a grocery store see X-men, sponge bob cereal they are going to want it. if you walk in the makeup isle you see Jessica Alba, Holly Berry, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Carmen Diaz, and Penelope Cruz as the faces of beauty which sex does sell a product. For the rappers such as Kanye West, 50 cent, Snoop Dog, puff daddy, jay z. use or have used Louis Vuitton to show status, Vitamin water is like a Gatorade that replenish the body, which 50 cents owns a percentage of stock as well as the g-unit brand, and snoop dog talked with Cadillac to promote a line of his own for all players, pimps, holes, bitches can ride. In some songs “LAC” refers to Cadillac brand, sean john is a brand that sales to African Americans elite clothing line, and roc-a-wear is more street wear new york thug look.

For the Hispanic community it is the Chevy or Ford trucks, low-riders which is a stereotypical idea that has lasted since the zoot suit riots in the 1930's. And now the idea of having a Coach/Dooney purses for a females status,apple bottom jeans, polo, tommy, BEBE, banana republic, and Juicy couture and accessories such as jewelry for the chest area to make it breast area pop out more. For males clothes such as Dickeys,South Pole,Sean John,Polo, Tommy Hilfiger, DC, ECKO, Nautica, Ed hardy and Kenneth Cole.

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