Louisiana Sues Its Own Death Row Prisoners

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"The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections last Friday sued every inmate on death row, in an effort to block any one of them from challenging the state's lethal injection procedures. Each of the 84 prisoners in the "death house" at Angola State Penitentiary was personally served papers in the suit, said Nick Trenticosta, who has represented numerous clients on Angola's death row."


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All I can say to begin with is that I find this article to be truly awful. For starters, I have always been opposed to the death penalty. I do not think it solves any problem. It does not serve as and "example to others", it does not teach the criminal a lesson, and it just takes another sibling, parent, friend away from another family. I did a paper on the death penalty and learned all about the possible things that could/do go wrong during lethal injections. On a legal note, I do not find it to be a surely human way to put someone to death. They say that if it is carried out properly it is painless, but the injection process leaves so many more opportunities for error than most other methods. On a more moral note I do not think it is our place to kill others. This may sound cold, but no matter what someone has done I do not feel we have the right to take away their life. We especially don't deserve the right to enjoy it. It has been proven on multiple counts that innocent people have been put to death. People also often times overlook the punishment the criminals face everyday they live on death row. Imagine waking up each day never knowing when your last one would be. I would definitely call that some kind of psychological torment. They get to spend all this time thinking about how they are going to die. This isn't even about punishing them or teaching them a lesson. It is about revenge, it is about taking from them what they took from another. We do not get to play God. We do not get to judge people like that. This isn't what people get though. By killing a killer you do not get back what you lost.

With that said I completely understand why the inmates would want to fight the method. If they are going to be taken out of this world, than they should have at least a little say in how. They are protected by law from and cruel and unusual punishment. Criminals or not they have every right to express their beliefs that this is not being followed. I find it foolish and greedy for the state to do what it did. The arrogance and cruelty of the action. This isn't even about justice anymore...it's about power. They don't want someone telling them how or if they can execute. I also just find it straight up ridiculous. I mean they are men that are going to be killed possibly or spend their entire lives in prison. What really do they have to lose. You have stripped them of freedom and possibly life. When you no longer have something to hold over another's head, then you no longer have them in your clutch.

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