Dr. P's Dog Training

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The Library - presents a detailed outline of the contents of this site & includes:

Photo/Video Collections - see working dogs in action.
Various types of work (individual dogs & topics), agility, hunting, protection (general, individual dogs, police/military, schutzhund, ring, KNPV) & other stuff.

Obedience - competition technique & theory.
Competition related, clicker training, learning theory, & electronic collars.

Assistance Dogs - helping folks with disabilities.
General info, articles/stories (individual dogs, seizure alert dogs, news, others), providers, & lists of providers.

The Nose Knows - dog chores involving smell.
Tracking, searching, & other scents.

Protection & Police/Military Training - martial arts for dogs.
Various types (Schutzhund, ring, KNVP & others), breed info, general articles, police, & military working dogs.

Other Dog "Work" - various sporting/working activities.
Agility, carting & weightpulling, flyball & frisbees, freestyle, herding, hiking & such, hunting, livestock guardian dogs, lure coursing & racing, sledding & such, & therapy.

Misc. Info. & Resources - lots of other relevant stuff.
Acronyms & terms, acting, associations, career info, e-zines, humor, legal issues & bites, names, rescue, statistics, upcoming events, & other stuff.

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