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This was suggested by Jack.


We've talked about meditation to some extent during class, but did you know how much it can help you as college students?  Meditation can do this through several ways.  Brain development, increasing creativity, relaxing everything from its muscles to blood vessels (reducing stress), decreasing depression, and increasing IQ / classroom performance are just a few examples.


There are several free, online resources that will guide you through the process.  Notably, is a great source.  It explains exactly what TM is, its benefits, and a course description.  Even if you don't choose to pay for their services, you can use this as a guide when looking for a free alternative.

Another resource could be  This site explains why you should learn to meditate, various forms of meditation, and even explains the link between Buddhism and mediation and their process for meditation.  In addition, it lists books that can be used for further learning.


If you would like to comment on this blog, please take the time to go through this process at least once and blog about your experience.  What did you think about it?  Was it your first time meditating?  Did you feel better, tired, different, etc. afterwards?



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