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Human 2.0 Video - (Due Tuesday)

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Based on the video we saw in class please respond to the following questons:

1)  what did you find most interesting about the video and why?

2)  Choose one of the sections (video rat, joystick monkey, quadripelegic (sp?) kid learning language, etc.) and explain what it was (what were they doing) and what we may learn about the human brain and human cognition.

3) drawing on ideas in the video as well as class discussion, web tasks, and readings, make a few educated predictions about what topics may be included in a Cognitive Psychology class after the singularity (or 20-30 years in the future).

Class Handouts Week #5 (Due Tuesday)

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Please go through the handouts you have received attached to this email. Please find two topics from the handouts that are of interest to you and discuss what your text has to say on those topics. Next indicate two topics that you would like me to cover in more depth in class.

I will be revising this shortly to cover the material on sensation, perception, and attention. I will put together some annotated power points in lieu of last week's lecture.

Classroom Extension Week #3 (Due ASAP)

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In class we discussed the neuroscientist's toolbox. Of the various tools neuroscientists use which do you find the most interesting? How does that tool work? What types of research questions can you ask using it? What research question would you ask if you had such a device? Are there any ethical issues realted to this technique?

Let me know if you have any questions about how to proceed.