expt_frac.jpg This website is designed for students interested in Careers in Psychology. Content and assignments are designed to inform students of how to make the most of their undergraduate career, educate them on what career opportunities are available with an undergraduate or graduate degree in psychology or related field, and prepare them for application and success in securing those opportunities.


"This class has been one of the most important classes I have taken."

"I did not realize that I could do so much with my bachelor's degree in psychology."

"The one thing I learned that I'll never forget is that letting your anxiety keep you from making important decisions only makes things more difficult. To overcome fears, you have to face them head on and control it rather than letting it control you."

"My book for this class is the only textbook that I won't be selling back at the end of the semester."

"This class really took my fear and turned it into a positive plan."

Recent Entries

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